William "Billy" Haynes

Texan Oil Baron/Cattle Rancher


“Son, if you got beef as red as Texas, you can right as rain make a hamburger, faster then a armadillo rolling down a hill.”


Billy Haynes was a wealthy red blooded Texan with a pretty red headed wife.

At the 4th of July Gala Dinner, Billy and his wife Ginny were assigned to sit with Dr. Krieger and Benny. He got along well with Krieger and even offered him a job for Haynes Industries as a “Oil scientist or something”. Unfortunately, Haynes shortly after suffered a heart attack and before Krieger could administer meaningful medical attention, he was whisked away by Pinnacle medical staff.

The next time the party saw him; at the medical infirmary Billy Haynes was the first of the undead they encountered, or as Krieger referred to him as “Subject Zero”.

Bear, chewed his head off defending his master from the now flesh hungry Billy.

William "Billy" Haynes

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