Don't Cry For The Dead

Episode Six, Part One "Dead Men Walking/The Baby Needs Formula!"

At the end of our last episode our heroes were making their way to the nearest town to acquire more supplies. Most importantly, they needed baby formula for “Juan”. Their caravan consisted of two motorcycles, a pick up and an RV. As they approached the town, they came to an area where the road became crowded with abandoned vehicles. It appeared that they could not continue, at least not with the RV. A decision was made to send a small team to the town to get the needed supplies and the bulk of the group would stay behind.

Dr. Kreger, scanned the area for a place to store the RV and truck that would be off the road, somewhat hidden, and defensible. He spotted a hill with tall shrubs that would help to hide the vehicles, so they moved the vehicles up to there. This spot would have to do, Dr. Kreger thought. It would offer partial concealment of the vehicles and hopefully it would go unnoticed if “walkers” or bandits wandered by on the road.

Dr. Kreger called a meeting with the adult males in the group to discuss their next move. He suggested that a team of four should take the two bikes into town to get supplies. The bikes could easily maneuver through the crowded road to quickly get in to the town and back out again with the needed supplies. The supplies could be carried in the motorcycle saddle bags. They couldn’t carry as much on the bikes compared to the pick-up truck, but speed was most important now. The team would be made up of Gilson (driver), Ramirez (driver), Achmed, and Benny. Gilson initially objected to Benny going along because she was a 13 year old girl and the mission would be dangerous. Dr. Kreger reminded Gilson that this little girl had probably killed more zombies than anyone in the group with the possible exception of “Bear”. After considering this, Gilson agreed.

Dr. Kreger was concerned that we only had three two-way radios available to the group. He figured that the scouting team should have two radios in case they got split up and He wanted to have several more radios to help coordinate the defenses of the base camp. He could easily build the needed radios if he had the parts needed and he knew there were an abundance of spare parts nearby on the road filled with abandoned vehicles. Gilson drove one of the motorcycles with Dr. Kreger as a passenger back to the road to gather spare parts from the radios and other parts from the abandoned cars. “Bear” came along by running alongside the bike.

As they approached the road they came across 6 wandering zombies. “Bear” and Gilson quickly dispatched the zombies. Dr. Kreger aimed his gun several times during the fight, but never actually fired his weapon because Bear and Gilson killed them all before he was ready to fire.

Once the wandering zombies were dealt with they came across a vehicle that seemed to have a child inside of it. Bear checked it out and he smelled something strange about the kid. The kid turned his head and half of his face was missing. It was a frightening discovery, but the group managed to not suffer any lasting psychological effects from it. Gilson opened the door and Bear quickly ended the zombie boy’s existence.

Dr. Kreger managed to salvage enough parts to make 5 radios and the group headed back to their base camp. Once back in camp, Dr. Kreger quickly put together 3 2-way radio headsets. When he completed the first one he gave it to Benny and told the supply team should be on their way because the baby needed to eat soon.

The base camp defenses consisted of Dr. Scott and his boy on patrol (with one radio head set) and Stevenson (also with one radio head set) and Gilson’s eldest daughter on top of the RV on over watch. Eleanor was acting as base operator and was in the driver’s seat of the RV. The rest of the kids, Dr. Kreger and Bear were in the RV. Bear positioned himself near the door.

Dr. Kreger finally had a chance to work on his lab undisturbed. He had the kids take turns riding the generator bike to provide power to the lab and provide air conditioning.



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