Don't Cry For The Dead

Episode Five "Welcome to Hell"

Battle at Stevenson's house

At the end of our last episode, our heroes were racing back to Henry Stevenson’s house in attempt to get there before a group of 30 bikers raided it. They were unfortunately too late. The 30 or so bikers had already taken control of Stevenson’s home and captured all of the women and children that were left at the house under the care and protection of Ramirez. Our heroes later found out that Ramirez surrendered immediately when the bikers approached without firing a shot. He felt there were too many bikers for him and the others to fight them off and he was probably right, although some of the group thought he gave up a little too quickly.

Upon reaching the edge of the forest with the house in sight, our heroes quickly devised a plan to retake the home. They knew they were outnumbered and outgunned. However, they were determined to rescue their companions against overwhelming odds. Benny, Gilson, and Bear advanced stealthily to the house while Dr. Kreger, Dr. Scott and Stevenson dropped prone in cover behind the tree line to offer fire support from long distance. It seemed like a sound plan, they needed to take out the enemy one by one or at least in small groups. This way they could minimize the biker’s advantage.

The plan seemed to work at first. They managed to kill about seven of the bikers without sustaining any injuries when suddenly the leader of the gang came out of the house with more reinforcements and two hostages. The group recognized the hostages as Mrs. Stevenson and Ramirez.

Henry Stevenson was ready to throw down his weapon because he didn’t want to risk his wife’s life, but Dr. Kreger had other ideas. Dr. Kreger quickly calculated that to surrender to this group was likely not going to go well for him and his companions. He was well aware of the depths of evil that men can sink to. He learned about it from his father’s stories about his experiences in WWII. Dr. Kreger judged that the bikers were the sort of men capable of committing terrible and despicable acts of depravity. He knew that there were worse things than death. To him, surrender was not an option. Therefore, he took decisive action to take that option off the table.

Dr. Kreger was a man of science; he had a little training with a gun, but a marksman he was not. He was lying in the dirt with a Glock 9mm in his hand at long range from the thugs / bikers holding his two companions hostage. The leader who had a gun to Mrs. Stevenson’s head had introduced himself and his group as “Hell Fuerrie” and the Ghost Riders and demanded the group’s immediate surrender. (Could there be any doubt to this man’s evil nature with a name like Hell Fuerrie?) Dr. Kreger took aim for Hell’s head knowing full well that he could never make a shot like that. Heinz wasn’t a religious man, but he said a quick prayer/plea to God and fired. Miraculously, the bullet hit Hell right between the eyes. It was a lethal shot, or should have been. But perhaps Hell had some divine help too, because he still stood…until a moment later when Benny threw one of her throwing knifes that pierced his left eye. The knife was stuck in his head far enough to pierce his already damaged brain (from the bullet). Hell went down.

Just then a howl ripped through the air, so loud and powerful that it caused everyone to freeze for a moment in fear. Everyone froze that is, except “Boo Boo Bear”, who was the source of the howl. Bear, who was deep in a blood lust, rushed forward as he howled and ripped the throat out of the thug holding Ramirez hostage. Everything seemed to be going the heroes’ way when suddenly the biker gang’s second in command, “Spiderbait”, appeared on the upstairs balcony with a gun pointed at the head of Mrs. Gilson. “Spiderbait” demanded that the group immediately surrender or she would kill Mrs. Gilson. The group quickly considered their next action, but Bear wasn’t waiting…he attacked the nearest remaining biker and ripped out his throat, killing him instantly. The group looked on with horror as Spiderbait shot Mrs. Gilson in the head as a result. Spiderbait, may not have known it at that time, but she also sealed her own fate with that shot.

Benny and a horrified Gilson went inside stealthily heading for the stairs. They wanted to check on Mrs. Gilson, who most likely was dead and they also sought revenge against Spiderbait. Spiderbait ducked back inside from the balcony, out of sight. The rest of the team killed the remaining bikers outside. Another women appeared on the upstairs balcony and said that “Spiderbait” was crazy and she was going to kill everyone if the group didn’t surrender, but our heroes showed no sign of surrendering. Another shot was heard as Bear ran full speed into the house and up the stairs. He passed Gilson and Benny on the way because the dog wasn’t worried about being quiet; he wanted more blood!

Gilson followed Bear up the stairs and Benny decided to check downstairs. As she was traveling downstairs she noticed that she suddenly turned invisible. Dr. Kreger had activated the device on her wrist. She knew she only had about 18 seconds of being invisible and she didn’t want to waste those precious seconds. She opened the basement door and discovered that there were 10 bikers down there with all of the remaining hostages / children. She quickly deduced that there were too many for her to handle alone and she didn’t want to endanger the kids so she closed the door and started up the stairs.

When Bear and Gilson entered the upstairs bedroom they found that both Mrs. Gilson and Mrs. Scott were on the ground and appeared to be dead. Gilson was momentarily distracted with grief, but Bear quickly scanned the room for his next target. He spotted Spiderbite and viciously attacked her with intent to kill, but she somehow survived the onslaught although she was seriously hurt. Dr. Kreger had radioed Gilson through Bear’s collar that they should try to take people alive for a possible hostage exchange. Therefore, Gilson elected to rifle butt Spiderbite in the face to knock her out.

While Gilson was scanning the room for threats, Bear charged one of the unarmed women in the room and ripped out her throat. Gilson, still halfway in a daze and overcome with grief mentioned over the radio that the room was under control, but Bear was taking out non-combatants. Dr. Kreger immediately ordered Bear to stop attacking, but to only guard the women. Bear was not pleased with these orders but he obeyed them. He did however bark and growl ferociously at the women who were so frightened they soiled themselves.

Outside the house, Dr. Kreger, Dr. Scott, and Mr. Stevenson started curb stomping the dead bodies’ heads to avoid them from reanimating as zombies later. Mrs. Stevenson was laying safely at the tree line.

Benny headed up stairs to report to Gilson about what she saw, but she was followed by three of the biker thugs. She decided to throw a grenade down on them, but was a little off target and only killed one of them. Gilson finished off another one of the men leaving one remaining. Meanwhile, Bear guarded and growled at the women in the upstairs bedroom.

It was at this point that the group decided to parlay with the thugs to see if they could make a hostage exchange. For some reason, Benny was the first one to speak up from our side. She went on about how important the baby “Juan” was to her and said that we would allow them to leave with all of their people except "Spiderbait”. She explained that Spiderbait had killed Mrs. Gilson and Mrs. Scott (who was breast-feeding Juan) in cold blood and she had to pay for that. The bikers must have been won over by her plea for the baby because they reluctantly agreed.

The remaining bikers left and surprising took “Hell” with them. The group was sure that “Hell” was dead, but they couldn’t help wondering why the bikers took only him and none of the other “dead” bodies. Dr. Kreger, especially became convinced that somehow “Hell” was alive and he was sure that the group would see him again.

Dr. Kreger and Gilson interrogated Spiderbait to get as much useful information about the gang as possible before Gilson put a bullet through her heart. They then cut her head off and put it on a pike in front of Henry Stevenson’s house. When the head reanimated it would serve as a warning to the Ghost Riders of what awaited them if they came after the group. A warning that Dr. Kreger knew they would ignore.

The group gathered up as much supplies as they could and headed out to the nearest town. Most of the group figured they would never return to this place.


It’s Henry Stevenson. Ray Stevenson is the guy who plays our favorite character on Rome. Otherwise, good summary for the most part. Bennie for you!

Episode Five "Welcome to Hell"

Ok, I edited it. It should be good now.

Episode Five "Welcome to Hell"

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