Don't Cry For The Dead

Episode Seven; Part One: A Companion Lost and a Fortune Found.

When last we left our heroes, the returning team had brought the formula back to the baby Juan. Juan, who had cried for over hour out of hunger, finally had the food he desired and was satisfied.

Before the two groups met up, both teams noticed that several jets flew over their heads just before they met up again. No one considered it to be very significant with the exception of Gilson. Gilson knew this was proof that the US government was alive and still in operation. Gilson, who was on leave aboard the ship with his family, yearned to join back with his unit to fight against this threat to his country.

Shortly after the two groups were reunited, there was a radio broadcast urging civilians to head to a rescue station in Jacksonville ran by the US military. Many of the group wondered what their next move should be. Gilson was adamant that he and his family would head to Jacksonville as the radio broadcast suggested. The rest of the group became concerned that Gilson would leave them and join the military again once they arrived in Jacksonville because they have come to rely upon his leadership and combat skills to keep them safe.

After much debate about what the group’s next move should be, they decided to head to Jacksonville as Gilson demanded. Currently, the group’s caravan included two motorcycles (driven by Gilson and Ramirez), an RV (driven by Stevenson) and a pickup truck (driven by Dr. Scott). Ahmed road shotgun with Dr. Scott and the rest of the group was in the RV.

After driving down the road a few miles, the group came upon a fallen tree that was blocking their path. Gilson, Dr. Scot, Ahmed and Ramirez got out to move the tree. As they started to move the tree, suddenly they were attacked by a sizable group of zombies. The group managed to fight them off without sustaining any injuries. Once the zombies were dealt with, they finished moving the fallen tree blocking their path and continued on their journey.

After heading down the road several miles at a good pace, the group suddenly spotted a Semi-Truck heading towards them head-on at furious rate. The two motorcyclists and the driver of the RV managed to avoid the oncoming semi-truck. Unfortunately, Dr. Scott, who was the driver of the pickup, was unable to avoid a collision with the semi-truck. The results were nothing less than heartbreaking. Ahmed died instantly in the crash due to a serious arm wound (because of a loss of blood). Dr. Scott survived with a minor injury that was treated expertly by Dr. Kreger.

Once Dr. Scot was treated, they checked upon the occupant of the semi-truck. They found a man who was bitten on the arm, assumedly by zombies. He was unconscious and it appeared he had little time left before he would turn. The group carried him to the RV gagged and tied him to a bed. Dr. Kreger took note in his “Z” virus journal that he reanimated as a zombie 5 minutes after death. Later Dr. Kreger tested his own blood along with the blood of the semi-truck driver and found it was ineffective as a cure for the virus. It was noted in the journal that Dr. Kreger’s blood type was A+ and the truck driver’s blood type was B+.

The group had a funeral for their beloved friend Ahmed. Benny gave a particularly moving eulogy and the entire group was reminded of the many losses they experienced since this terrible nightmare began. Dr. Kreger also said a few words in remembrance of his beloved student.

Once their companion was buried, the group examined the truck to see if it was still drivable. The airbags had been deployed and the windshield was broken, but it was in otherwise good shape. Dr. Kreger, with his considerable repair skills was able to restore the airbags to their previous condition and also made a “Mad Max” style windshield from spare windshields from the motorcycle parts they previously salvaged. It didn’t look pretty, but the windshield would practically serve as well as the original.

Dr. Kreger, Gilson and Boo Boo Bear checked the back of the semi-truck to see what it contained. To their surprise, they found a huge stockpile of MREs. It was enough to feed a single man for 500 years! It was 500 crates, each one able to feed one person for one year. It wouldn’t taste very good, but this food would keep the group alive for the foreseeable future.

The group loaded as much of the MREs as they could on the RV and the pick-up truck. To maximize the amount of food they could fit on the pick-up truck, they off loaded the motorcycle parts on to the semi-truck. They inspected the fuel tank of the semi-truck and found it to be 1/8th full of diesel and decided they had to take the semi-truck with them because they couldn’t bear the thought of leaving so much food behind. So they loaded Gilson’s motorcycle aboard the semi-truck and decided Gilson would drive it.

The group would continue down the road with Ramirez driving a motorcycle at the lead, followed by the RV driven by Stevenson, followed by the semi-truck driven by Gilson and finally followed by the pick-up truck driven by Dr. Scot. Gilson took his son Greg with him in the semi-truck and Dr. Scot brought his son Sam with him. Dr. Scot had some concerns about bringing his son with him in the truck because of what happened to his last passenger, but he ultimately decided this was unlikely to happen again. The rest of the group traveled in the RV.



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