Don't Cry For The Dead

Extended Hiatus

This game unfortunately is probably not going to happen. A couple of my players were kids and I realized that not only were they not interested in this game very much but perhaps some of the material would be a little bit mature for them.

Episode Seven; Part Two: For Whom the Bell Tolls?

Our heroes continued down the road towards Jacksonville. After travelling for several miles, they saw a Coast Guard Helicopter fly erratically overhead and crash into a nearby field. Many in the group thought they should just continue on. However, Gilson insisted that we stop to check to see if there were any survivors. Immediately after stopping, Gilson and Bear headed toward the helicopter while the rest of the team remained in their vehicles. Previously, Dr. Kreger installed one of his wonderful inventions on Bear’s harness that allowed him to see video of anything that Bear looked upon through Dr. Kreger’s smart phone. Dr. Kreger used this device to monitor the actions of both Bear and Gilson.

Gilson and Bear found that two of the four occupants were dead and two were severely injured. Dr. Kreger suggested bringing back any medical supplies in the helicopter. Gilson pointed out a nearby medical bag that Bear grabbed and headed back to the rest of the group. Surprisingly to the rest of the group, Gilson grabbed one of the injured Coastguardsmen from the helicopter and headed back. He had to make a “Sophie’s choice” and choose the one that was the least injured. About that time they discovered they were not alone. A huge group of zombies rapidly approached the helicopter and the surrounding area. Despite this, it appeared that Gilson and Bear would make it back to the team in time to avoid the methodically approaching zombies. Once Gilson dropped off the Coastguardsmen, to everyone else’s surprise he headed back to the helicopter for the other Coastguardsmen.

The rest of the group thought this was a foolhardy move. They couldn’t see how Gilson could possibly survive without help from the rest of the group. Reluctantly, out of loyalty to Gilson, the rest of the group decided to risk their lives to help him. Dr. Kreger ordered Bear and Benny to assist Gilson. This was a risky move, but Dr. Kreger knew that both Benny and Bear were very quick and he also knew that all the zombies they have seen up to this point moved sluggishly.

After Gilson made it half way back to the helicopter, he realized it was a lost cause. A group of zombies had already made it to the helicopter and were devouring the other Coastguardsman. Gilson was surrounded with little hope of escape. Benny courageously charged the group of zombies on the left while readying a grenade. Bear taunted the group of zombies on the right of Gilson and led them away from him so he could escape. It didn’t look like Bear would be able to make it back in time before the semi-truck left until Benny used a grenade to kill all of the zombies blocking his path. The three, including Bear, managed to get back into the semi-truck without injury. Gilson’s son, Greg, had kept the semi-truck running so they could make a speedy escape.

Meanwhile, the Coastguardsman brought back to the RV died before Dr. Kreger could treat him. He therefore decided to have him tied up and gagged for further study. Dr. Kreger noted in his journal that it was approximately 5 minutes from death until reanimation for this unfortunate soul; much like the dead truck driver from the last episode. The group continued on down the road leaving the zombies behind. Dr. Kreger was thankful for Gilson’s heroic actions because now he had another test subject to continue his analysis of the “Z Virus”.

After several miles, the RV suddenly stopped. Dr. Kreger and Stevenson inspected the engine and discovered that it had a ruptured high pressure fuel line. This repair would take a specialized part that Dr. Kreger didn’t think he could solve with a roll of duct tape. The group considered the RV to be an essential part of their caravan and was reluctant to abandon it. About that time, they heard a church bell of in the distance about a half a mile down the road. When they looked that direction they also spotted about 15 zombies heading towards the church. Dr. Kreger, ever looking for solutions to the groups problems, noticed a truck in the parking lot that he thought would have the needed parts to repair the RV.

A decision was made to split up the group once again. Dr. Kreger, Gilson, Dr. Scot, Benny and Bear would travel in the truck towards the church to see if they could stop the bell from ringing, deal with the zombies and retrieve the repair parts needed to fix the RV. The rest of the group would stay behind and guard the RV. Stevenson, Sam and Tony were on the roof of the RV on overwatch. Ramirez, Eleanor, Greg and Pam remained inside the RV with Ramirez standing guard at a window with his M-16.

Meanwhile, Gilson and his group approached the church in the pick-up truck. After parking at the church, they determined that the zombies were about 60 seconds away. They hurriedly went inside and found a priest and two devotees all armed with shotguns. An intense moment passed as the two armed groups met each other for the first time. Tensions melted away as the three in the church lowered their weapons and welcomed the group with open arms. Dr. Kreger mentioned to the Priest that zombies were rapidly approaching the church and would be there in about 40 seconds. The group decided to fight the approaching zombies outside rather than lock the church doors and seek refuge inside.

The group fought off the slowly approaching zombies methodically. In yet, it seemed unlikely that they would be able to kill them all before they got within melee range. To the shock and awe of the group, Benny once again showed her skill at killing zombies and threw a well-placed grenade like device that soared to hit its target like a rocket and took out a large number of zombies. The device was of Dr. Kreger’s design and was given to Benny earlier to use only under dire circumstances such as the group currently faced. This once again impressed the group immensely. She earned a reputation for zombie slaying that wouldn’t soon be forgotten.

During the fight, Dr. Kreger missed his first shot and became discouraged and decided to head into the church. He happened upon a cat that seemed friendly. Dr. Kreger bowed down to pet the cat, but just then Bear rushed in either out of concern for his master, jealously or maybe he just didn’t like cats. Dr. Kreger made a mental note to ask him later when could use his mind reading device. When Bear rushed in, he barked loudly and scared the cat, who barely escaped with its life. The cat managed to run under the pews and escape to an unknown area. This frustrated Bear greatly. Dr. Kreger ordered Bear to help the group outside deal with the zombies, but Bear didn’t immediately obey. For at least a short period of time, he tried to find that cat, but was unable to. It occurred to Kreger that samples from the cat would help him support his suspicions that all animals were immune to the “Z Virus”.

About then the group from outside returned from dealing with the approaching zombies. The Priest questioned what happened. Dr. Kreger told them that Bear almost got to the cat, which evidently belonged to the priest. The Priest was relieved that the cat was ok, but insisted that Bear be put upon a leash. Dr. Kreger agreed.

The group made a deal with the priest and the others staying at the church that if they could get the parts they needed for the RV then the church group could join their caravan to Jacksonville as long as they provided additional transportation.

Episode Seven; Part One: A Companion Lost and a Fortune Found.

When last we left our heroes, the returning team had brought the formula back to the baby Juan. Juan, who had cried for over hour out of hunger, finally had the food he desired and was satisfied.

Before the two groups met up, both teams noticed that several jets flew over their heads just before they met up again. No one considered it to be very significant with the exception of Gilson. Gilson knew this was proof that the US government was alive and still in operation. Gilson, who was on leave aboard the ship with his family, yearned to join back with his unit to fight against this threat to his country.

Shortly after the two groups were reunited, there was a radio broadcast urging civilians to head to a rescue station in Jacksonville ran by the US military. Many of the group wondered what their next move should be. Gilson was adamant that he and his family would head to Jacksonville as the radio broadcast suggested. The rest of the group became concerned that Gilson would leave them and join the military again once they arrived in Jacksonville because they have come to rely upon his leadership and combat skills to keep them safe.

After much debate about what the group’s next move should be, they decided to head to Jacksonville as Gilson demanded. Currently, the group’s caravan included two motorcycles (driven by Gilson and Ramirez), an RV (driven by Stevenson) and a pickup truck (driven by Dr. Scott). Ahmed road shotgun with Dr. Scott and the rest of the group was in the RV.

After driving down the road a few miles, the group came upon a fallen tree that was blocking their path. Gilson, Dr. Scot, Ahmed and Ramirez got out to move the tree. As they started to move the tree, suddenly they were attacked by a sizable group of zombies. The group managed to fight them off without sustaining any injuries. Once the zombies were dealt with, they finished moving the fallen tree blocking their path and continued on their journey.

After heading down the road several miles at a good pace, the group suddenly spotted a Semi-Truck heading towards them head-on at furious rate. The two motorcyclists and the driver of the RV managed to avoid the oncoming semi-truck. Unfortunately, Dr. Scott, who was the driver of the pickup, was unable to avoid a collision with the semi-truck. The results were nothing less than heartbreaking. Ahmed died instantly in the crash due to a serious arm wound (because of a loss of blood). Dr. Scott survived with a minor injury that was treated expertly by Dr. Kreger.

Once Dr. Scot was treated, they checked upon the occupant of the semi-truck. They found a man who was bitten on the arm, assumedly by zombies. He was unconscious and it appeared he had little time left before he would turn. The group carried him to the RV gagged and tied him to a bed. Dr. Kreger took note in his “Z” virus journal that he reanimated as a zombie 5 minutes after death. Later Dr. Kreger tested his own blood along with the blood of the semi-truck driver and found it was ineffective as a cure for the virus. It was noted in the journal that Dr. Kreger’s blood type was A+ and the truck driver’s blood type was B+.

The group had a funeral for their beloved friend Ahmed. Benny gave a particularly moving eulogy and the entire group was reminded of the many losses they experienced since this terrible nightmare began. Dr. Kreger also said a few words in remembrance of his beloved student.

Once their companion was buried, the group examined the truck to see if it was still drivable. The airbags had been deployed and the windshield was broken, but it was in otherwise good shape. Dr. Kreger, with his considerable repair skills was able to restore the airbags to their previous condition and also made a “Mad Max” style windshield from spare windshields from the motorcycle parts they previously salvaged. It didn’t look pretty, but the windshield would practically serve as well as the original.

Dr. Kreger, Gilson and Boo Boo Bear checked the back of the semi-truck to see what it contained. To their surprise, they found a huge stockpile of MREs. It was enough to feed a single man for 500 years! It was 500 crates, each one able to feed one person for one year. It wouldn’t taste very good, but this food would keep the group alive for the foreseeable future.

The group loaded as much of the MREs as they could on the RV and the pick-up truck. To maximize the amount of food they could fit on the pick-up truck, they off loaded the motorcycle parts on to the semi-truck. They inspected the fuel tank of the semi-truck and found it to be 1/8th full of diesel and decided they had to take the semi-truck with them because they couldn’t bear the thought of leaving so much food behind. So they loaded Gilson’s motorcycle aboard the semi-truck and decided Gilson would drive it.

The group would continue down the road with Ramirez driving a motorcycle at the lead, followed by the RV driven by Stevenson, followed by the semi-truck driven by Gilson and finally followed by the pick-up truck driven by Dr. Scot. Gilson took his son Greg with him in the semi-truck and Dr. Scot brought his son Sam with him. Dr. Scot had some concerns about bringing his son with him in the truck because of what happened to his last passenger, but he ultimately decided this was unlikely to happen again. The rest of the group traveled in the RV.

Episode six, Part Two: A Startling New Discover.

When last we left our heroes, they decided to split up. One group consisting of Gilson (driver), Ramirez (driver), Ahmed, and Benny went off on two motorcycles into Fairport to see if they could find baby formula for Juan while the rest of the group stayed behind. Benny rode on the back of Gilson’s bike and Ahmed rode with Ramirez. Gilson suggested to Benny that she should lend her radio headset to Ramirez so each team could communicate with each other. After much debate, Benny finally agreed and the team headed up to Fairport.

Back at camp, Dr. Kreger began work on his next device. He decided to make a module to add to Bear’s BattlesuiteTM collar. It would grant invisibility to him and his personal items for 5 rounds or 30 seconds. This power would be activated by Dr. Kreger’s smart phone. Boo Boo Bear always liked it when his master added a new power to his collar because when he did so he always petted his head and praised him “Who’s a good boy? Bear’s a good boy!” Bear loved this and soaked up the praise. It was a special moment that the master and his faithful companion shared.

Back to the away team, the two motorcycles approached the town without incident, easily maneuvering between the cars blocking their path. Once they neared the building that Ahmed assured them would contain the formula, they noticed a huge group of zombies (16-20) were behind a bus and several others were on either side of them. The team stopped their motorcycles a safe distance away (for now), but the sound of the engines alerted the zombies to their presence so the team had to act quickly.

Benny jumped off the motorcycle and charged forward, as she readied a grenade. Gilson took aim at one of the three zombies on the left and took one out with a head shot from his M-16. Ramirez took aim at one of three zombies on the right and didn’t kill it, but it was momentarily shaken. Ahmed got off the bike and attempted to shoot one of the zombies on the right, but his gun jammed. As result, Ahmed became very afraid and decided to run away and from the danger.

Benny, moved forward at an incredible rate (boy that girl can run). She ran close by the zombies on the left within range of the large group of zombies behind the bus. She then threw one of her grenades that landed perfectly and took out a large group of zombies. The rest of the group was in awe of her tremendous skills. Never again would they question her due to her age. She has proven herself time and again that she is easily the equal of any of the adults in fighting the zombie menace.

The fight continued, Gilson showed his skills as a highly trained combat machine. He was a product of Navy Seal training and it showed. Ahmed was not much help in the combat as he spent most of his time trying to unjam his weapon. Benny managed to finish off the bulk of the zombies with a total of three very well placed grenades. Ramirez managed to take out two zombies, and he also helped Ahmed unjam his weapon. In the past, many of us showed some disdain for Ramirez’s combat ability. However, this time, Ramirez distinguished himself as valuable team asset.

Once the zombies were dealt with, the team advanced to the drug store in hopes of finding the baby formula for Juan. They were in luck; there was 4 months’ worth of baby formula in the building. They also found several digital cameras, prophylactics, a bottle of aspirin, and Benny found a single “Slimjim”. Gilson also took the motion sensors from the door. He thought that the good Dr. Kreger could make good use of them. The team loaded the motorcycle saddlebags with the items they found and headed back to the rest of the group.

Meanwhile, Dr. Kreger began his research into the zombie disease that he named the “Z Virus”. He thought to himself, this would finally lead him to the Noble Prize that he felt he always deserved (as he laughed to himself maniacally). Dr. Kreger used the zombie tissue that he previously gathered along with tissue samples from himself and other members of the group to make very important discoveries. He discovered that the zombie disease was caused by a virus rather than a bacteria or parasite. He also discovered the virus didn’t affect Bear and he postulated that it also wouldn’t affect other animals although this would require more testing to verify. This supported the previous studies he glanced over years ago regarding a zombie like disease in the past. At the time he didn’t take those studies seriously, but now he wished he reviewed them more closely. He also discovered that his own tissue seemed strangely resistant to the “Z Virus”. He postulated that his tissue lost its resilience because it left his body and would die after a short period of time thus losing the struggle. He had every reason to believe that his own body would be able to fight off the virus should he be bitten in the future.

Unfortunately, the others he tested in the group didn’t share his immunity. That is until the scouting team returned. Dr. Kreger was excited to test samples of the returning members along with the zombie’s samples to see if any of them shared his immunity. He was amazed to see that Benny shared this trait. It made him think back to when he and Benny’s mother were sharing each other’s “comforts” about 13 and nine months ago. He always suspected the possibility that Benny could be his daughter. Many people seemed to notice a resemblance between them although neither of them ever made the connection previously. He decided to run the test and he discovered without a doubt that Benny was indeed his daughter.

Episode Six, Part One "Dead Men Walking/The Baby Needs Formula!"

At the end of our last episode our heroes were making their way to the nearest town to acquire more supplies. Most importantly, they needed baby formula for “Juan”. Their caravan consisted of two motorcycles, a pick up and an RV. As they approached the town, they came to an area where the road became crowded with abandoned vehicles. It appeared that they could not continue, at least not with the RV. A decision was made to send a small team to the town to get the needed supplies and the bulk of the group would stay behind.

Dr. Kreger, scanned the area for a place to store the RV and truck that would be off the road, somewhat hidden, and defensible. He spotted a hill with tall shrubs that would help to hide the vehicles, so they moved the vehicles up to there. This spot would have to do, Dr. Kreger thought. It would offer partial concealment of the vehicles and hopefully it would go unnoticed if “walkers” or bandits wandered by on the road.

Dr. Kreger called a meeting with the adult males in the group to discuss their next move. He suggested that a team of four should take the two bikes into town to get supplies. The bikes could easily maneuver through the crowded road to quickly get in to the town and back out again with the needed supplies. The supplies could be carried in the motorcycle saddle bags. They couldn’t carry as much on the bikes compared to the pick-up truck, but speed was most important now. The team would be made up of Gilson (driver), Ramirez (driver), Achmed, and Benny. Gilson initially objected to Benny going along because she was a 13 year old girl and the mission would be dangerous. Dr. Kreger reminded Gilson that this little girl had probably killed more zombies than anyone in the group with the possible exception of “Bear”. After considering this, Gilson agreed.

Dr. Kreger was concerned that we only had three two-way radios available to the group. He figured that the scouting team should have two radios in case they got split up and He wanted to have several more radios to help coordinate the defenses of the base camp. He could easily build the needed radios if he had the parts needed and he knew there were an abundance of spare parts nearby on the road filled with abandoned vehicles. Gilson drove one of the motorcycles with Dr. Kreger as a passenger back to the road to gather spare parts from the radios and other parts from the abandoned cars. “Bear” came along by running alongside the bike.

As they approached the road they came across 6 wandering zombies. “Bear” and Gilson quickly dispatched the zombies. Dr. Kreger aimed his gun several times during the fight, but never actually fired his weapon because Bear and Gilson killed them all before he was ready to fire.

Once the wandering zombies were dealt with they came across a vehicle that seemed to have a child inside of it. Bear checked it out and he smelled something strange about the kid. The kid turned his head and half of his face was missing. It was a frightening discovery, but the group managed to not suffer any lasting psychological effects from it. Gilson opened the door and Bear quickly ended the zombie boy’s existence.

Dr. Kreger managed to salvage enough parts to make 5 radios and the group headed back to their base camp. Once back in camp, Dr. Kreger quickly put together 3 2-way radio headsets. When he completed the first one he gave it to Benny and told the supply team should be on their way because the baby needed to eat soon.

The base camp defenses consisted of Dr. Scott and his boy on patrol (with one radio head set) and Stevenson (also with one radio head set) and Gilson’s eldest daughter on top of the RV on over watch. Eleanor was acting as base operator and was in the driver’s seat of the RV. The rest of the kids, Dr. Kreger and Bear were in the RV. Bear positioned himself near the door.

Dr. Kreger finally had a chance to work on his lab undisturbed. He had the kids take turns riding the generator bike to provide power to the lab and provide air conditioning.

Episode Five "Welcome to Hell"
Battle at Stevenson's house

At the end of our last episode, our heroes were racing back to Henry Stevenson’s house in attempt to get there before a group of 30 bikers raided it. They were unfortunately too late. The 30 or so bikers had already taken control of Stevenson’s home and captured all of the women and children that were left at the house under the care and protection of Ramirez. Our heroes later found out that Ramirez surrendered immediately when the bikers approached without firing a shot. He felt there were too many bikers for him and the others to fight them off and he was probably right, although some of the group thought he gave up a little too quickly.

Upon reaching the edge of the forest with the house in sight, our heroes quickly devised a plan to retake the home. They knew they were outnumbered and outgunned. However, they were determined to rescue their companions against overwhelming odds. Benny, Gilson, and Bear advanced stealthily to the house while Dr. Kreger, Dr. Scott and Stevenson dropped prone in cover behind the tree line to offer fire support from long distance. It seemed like a sound plan, they needed to take out the enemy one by one or at least in small groups. This way they could minimize the biker’s advantage.

The plan seemed to work at first. They managed to kill about seven of the bikers without sustaining any injuries when suddenly the leader of the gang came out of the house with more reinforcements and two hostages. The group recognized the hostages as Mrs. Stevenson and Ramirez.

Henry Stevenson was ready to throw down his weapon because he didn’t want to risk his wife’s life, but Dr. Kreger had other ideas. Dr. Kreger quickly calculated that to surrender to this group was likely not going to go well for him and his companions. He was well aware of the depths of evil that men can sink to. He learned about it from his father’s stories about his experiences in WWII. Dr. Kreger judged that the bikers were the sort of men capable of committing terrible and despicable acts of depravity. He knew that there were worse things than death. To him, surrender was not an option. Therefore, he took decisive action to take that option off the table.

Dr. Kreger was a man of science; he had a little training with a gun, but a marksman he was not. He was lying in the dirt with a Glock 9mm in his hand at long range from the thugs / bikers holding his two companions hostage. The leader who had a gun to Mrs. Stevenson’s head had introduced himself and his group as “Hell Fuerrie” and the Ghost Riders and demanded the group’s immediate surrender. (Could there be any doubt to this man’s evil nature with a name like Hell Fuerrie?) Dr. Kreger took aim for Hell’s head knowing full well that he could never make a shot like that. Heinz wasn’t a religious man, but he said a quick prayer/plea to God and fired. Miraculously, the bullet hit Hell right between the eyes. It was a lethal shot, or should have been. But perhaps Hell had some divine help too, because he still stood…until a moment later when Benny threw one of her throwing knifes that pierced his left eye. The knife was stuck in his head far enough to pierce his already damaged brain (from the bullet). Hell went down.

Just then a howl ripped through the air, so loud and powerful that it caused everyone to freeze for a moment in fear. Everyone froze that is, except “Boo Boo Bear”, who was the source of the howl. Bear, who was deep in a blood lust, rushed forward as he howled and ripped the throat out of the thug holding Ramirez hostage. Everything seemed to be going the heroes’ way when suddenly the biker gang’s second in command, “Spiderbait”, appeared on the upstairs balcony with a gun pointed at the head of Mrs. Gilson. “Spiderbait” demanded that the group immediately surrender or she would kill Mrs. Gilson. The group quickly considered their next action, but Bear wasn’t waiting…he attacked the nearest remaining biker and ripped out his throat, killing him instantly. The group looked on with horror as Spiderbait shot Mrs. Gilson in the head as a result. Spiderbait, may not have known it at that time, but she also sealed her own fate with that shot.

Benny and a horrified Gilson went inside stealthily heading for the stairs. They wanted to check on Mrs. Gilson, who most likely was dead and they also sought revenge against Spiderbait. Spiderbait ducked back inside from the balcony, out of sight. The rest of the team killed the remaining bikers outside. Another women appeared on the upstairs balcony and said that “Spiderbait” was crazy and she was going to kill everyone if the group didn’t surrender, but our heroes showed no sign of surrendering. Another shot was heard as Bear ran full speed into the house and up the stairs. He passed Gilson and Benny on the way because the dog wasn’t worried about being quiet; he wanted more blood!

Gilson followed Bear up the stairs and Benny decided to check downstairs. As she was traveling downstairs she noticed that she suddenly turned invisible. Dr. Kreger had activated the device on her wrist. She knew she only had about 18 seconds of being invisible and she didn’t want to waste those precious seconds. She opened the basement door and discovered that there were 10 bikers down there with all of the remaining hostages / children. She quickly deduced that there were too many for her to handle alone and she didn’t want to endanger the kids so she closed the door and started up the stairs.

When Bear and Gilson entered the upstairs bedroom they found that both Mrs. Gilson and Mrs. Scott were on the ground and appeared to be dead. Gilson was momentarily distracted with grief, but Bear quickly scanned the room for his next target. He spotted Spiderbite and viciously attacked her with intent to kill, but she somehow survived the onslaught although she was seriously hurt. Dr. Kreger had radioed Gilson through Bear’s collar that they should try to take people alive for a possible hostage exchange. Therefore, Gilson elected to rifle butt Spiderbite in the face to knock her out.

While Gilson was scanning the room for threats, Bear charged one of the unarmed women in the room and ripped out her throat. Gilson, still halfway in a daze and overcome with grief mentioned over the radio that the room was under control, but Bear was taking out non-combatants. Dr. Kreger immediately ordered Bear to stop attacking, but to only guard the women. Bear was not pleased with these orders but he obeyed them. He did however bark and growl ferociously at the women who were so frightened they soiled themselves.

Outside the house, Dr. Kreger, Dr. Scott, and Mr. Stevenson started curb stomping the dead bodies’ heads to avoid them from reanimating as zombies later. Mrs. Stevenson was laying safely at the tree line.

Benny headed up stairs to report to Gilson about what she saw, but she was followed by three of the biker thugs. She decided to throw a grenade down on them, but was a little off target and only killed one of them. Gilson finished off another one of the men leaving one remaining. Meanwhile, Bear guarded and growled at the women in the upstairs bedroom.

It was at this point that the group decided to parlay with the thugs to see if they could make a hostage exchange. For some reason, Benny was the first one to speak up from our side. She went on about how important the baby “Juan” was to her and said that we would allow them to leave with all of their people except "Spiderbait”. She explained that Spiderbait had killed Mrs. Gilson and Mrs. Scott (who was breast-feeding Juan) in cold blood and she had to pay for that. The bikers must have been won over by her plea for the baby because they reluctantly agreed.

The remaining bikers left and surprising took “Hell” with them. The group was sure that “Hell” was dead, but they couldn’t help wondering why the bikers took only him and none of the other “dead” bodies. Dr. Kreger, especially became convinced that somehow “Hell” was alive and he was sure that the group would see him again.

Dr. Kreger and Gilson interrogated Spiderbait to get as much useful information about the gang as possible before Gilson put a bullet through her heart. They then cut her head off and put it on a pike in front of Henry Stevenson’s house. When the head reanimated it would serve as a warning to the Ghost Riders of what awaited them if they came after the group. A warning that Dr. Kreger knew they would ignore.

The group gathered up as much supplies as they could and headed out to the nearest town. Most of the group figured they would never return to this place.

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