Tyler Scott, Sc.D.

Colleague of Dr. Krieger. Concealed Carrier who stopped mass shooting


Dr. Scott ran into Krieger in the hallways of the Pinnacle. Krieger and company helped him find his wife and son, and together they helped saved the lives of Lieutenant Gilson’s children.


Tyler Scott is a college professor/biochemist at Cal State Fullerton and lived in Orange, CA.

Raised by conservative parents, Scott had always been at least a quiet supporter of gun rights. He bought a Beretta 92 in 1993 and a couple 15 round magazines just before the “high capacity” magazine ban, so they would grandfather. He then in accordance with California law, obtained a concealed weapons permit. In 2001, while Scott was at the mall, two young teenagers began opening fire on innocent bystanders. Tyler then shot and killed the two assailants, fortunately the teenagers only injured their victims and Scott saved countless lives.

After this event, he made sure to train with his weapon he named “Wayne” (After John Wayne, Wayne LaPierre, and his favorite movie Wayne’s World") and train his family the basic use of the weapon as well.

Scott has one son with his wife Cassandra named Samuel. Unfortunately a couple weeks before the events of the Pinnacle, his wife suffered a miscarriage. This cruise trip was an effort to fix his marital issues as well as bring the whole family together.

Dr. Scott has worked under Dr. Krieger for various research projects and they have socialized together especially during science conferences. As old friends they met again on the Pinnacle.

Tyler Scott, Sc.D.

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