Hell Fuerrie's girl, Psycho Alpha B****H


A 20 something year old who despite her tattoos has a lithe attractive figure. She’s dressed in tight-fitting jeans, boots, and a half shirt with the cover Rob Zombie’s HELLBILLY DELUXE emblazoned on the front. A bellybutton ring with a dual chain up and under her shirt decorates her midsection.


“Spiderbait” was captured by the party after a lengthy firefight with the Ghost Riders (in which she executed both Cassandra Scott and Jamie Gilson as hostages.

She was knocked out and a negotiation followed where the party got to keep Spiderbait as their prisoner.

She was interrogated, tortured, and eventually executed.

Her intact head was placed on a stake on Henry’s property as a warning to the Ghost Riders who Dr. Kreger felt would inevitably return.


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