"Colonel" John Brackenridge

Cyclops Mercenary Leader


“Enough is enough! I’ve had it with these mother****ing zombies on this mother****ing boat!”


Colonel Brackenridge and his team of mercenaries were hired by Forthington to blow up the Pinnacle with everyone safely off board. Initially distrusted by the party, the Colonel and his men became a real asset to the party.

Unfortunately, after Harten took control of the auditorium, then shortly lost control to the zombies, and the Coast Guard approaching Brackenridge was about to blow up the ship, against the wishes of the party and Kirkman. Kirkman was killed by Brackenridge and his team.

When the Coast Guard cutter turned out to be infested with living dead, Montoya (one of his team) accidently discharged his weapon on the Colonel.

With his dying breath, he gave his access code to his crashboat to Kreger, and attempted to say sorry for what he had done.

Kreger did not accept his apology.

"Colonel" John Brackenridge

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