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Our unlikely heroes began their adventures by boarding a luxury cruise ship set to make its maiden voyage. Dr. Heinz Kreger, Benicia (Benny) Fernandez, and Dr. Kreger’s loyal service dog “(Boo Boo) Bear” all boarded the ship with relatively little trouble. The ship’s security seemed concerned at first about Dr. Kreger bringing his dog “Bear” on board because of their no pets allowed policy. All three were allowed on board (dog included), once the doctor produced the proper paperwork certifying that “Bear” was his service dog. Dr. Kreger was warned by security that “Bear” must be on a leash at all times while outside their cabin.

The group was taken to their room and allowed to unpack and get settled into their surroundings. The accommodations were first class and very acceptable to the doctor. He had been hired at the last minute by Benny’s family to act as her guardian and instructor on this cruise. Originally, Benny’s father was to accompany her, but he was called away on business at the last minute. Benny’s father rarely seemed to have any time to spend with his daughter, spending most of his time on business concerns. Dr. Kreger, who was on retainer as Benny’s private instructor, was more of a father figure to her than her “real” father.

Once settled in, the group decided to check out the pool. However they were blocked from entering the pool area by a rowdy group of frat boys who declared the area was “theirs” and the group was denied entry. When Dr. Kreger attempted to reason with the frat boys to allow them to share the pool area, one of the largest frat boys attempted to shove Dr. Kreger. Immediately sensing that his master was in danger, Bear jumped into action and mauled the Frat boy’s arm before he could make contact with Dr. Kreger. Clutching his arm in pain, the Frat boy decided to leave with his group without further incident. Dr. Kreger was relieved that nothing more serious occurred. Sometimes when Bear tastes blood he gets a little carried away. The rest of their time at the pool passed uneventfully.

Later the group went to dinner in the main dining area of the ship. They were seated with a well-dressed friendly couple. The couple introduced themselves as Mr. Billy and Ginny Haynes. The group had a friendly conversation at dinner during which Mr. Haynes offered Dr. Kreger a lucrative position with his company. Dr. Kreger seemed non-committal, but politely accepted Mr. Haynes card and said he would consider his offer of future employment.

Suddenly during dinner Mr. Haynes had a heart attack. Dr. Kreger jumped to action and administered medical aid to Mr. Haynes. He seemed to stabilize Mr. Haynes before the medical staff of the ship took over care. After this incident, the owner of the ship, Mr. Forthington, came over and offered his personal thanks for Dr. Kreger’s efforts to provide aid to Mr. Haynes. Dr. Kreger saw an opportunity to leverage the good will he earned for saving Mr. Haynes to help him explain what happened at the pool earlier. He was concerned the Frat boy may have made a very one-sided report about bear mauling his arm and he sought to mitigate this report by making a report of his own telling their side of the story. Mr. Forthington suggested we talk to the ship security chief about such matters (as he couldn’t be bothered).

Taking the advice of the owner, the group made their way to ship security. On their way, Dr. Kreger thought he should probably look in upon Mr. Haynes first. So they made a detour and went to the ship medical bay instead. As they neared the Medical Bay, they ran into Ginny Haynes who was terrified, covered with blood and also appeared injured with possible bite marks. Dr. Kreger provided first aid and had her lay down at a nearby bench. Once Dr. Kreger had bound her wounds and she appeared to be stabilized, the group continued to the medical bay.

The group entered the medical bay to a gruesome sight. There were dead bodies littered around the room and a crazed and blood covered Mr. Haynes was chewing on one of the corpses. The doctor and Benny were horrified by what they saw and momentarily frozen in place as the crazed Mr. Haynes turned his attention to them. Fortunately for our group, Bear was un-phased by the bloody scene and leaped to action and beheaded Mr. Haynes before he could attack Benny or the doctor. Bear once again saved the doctor and young Benny from serious harm. Once he had regained his composure, the doctor examined the bodies and took tissue samples to study later.

The group left the sick bay to report what they saw to security. Along the way they dropped by where they left Mrs. Haynes to check on her and they found that she was missing. They were puzzled by this, but they were determined to get to security so they pressed on.

The group arrived at security and they were introduced to Security Chief Jason Kirkman. They described the recent events to an incredulous Chief Kirkman. They shaded the truth a bit so as not to incriminate themselves in any crimes (left out the part where Bear beheaded the crazed Mr. Haynes). While they were trying to convince Kirkman of the unbelievable events that they witnessed, Kirkman received two distress calls. Surprisingly, Kirkman sent the group to investigate one of these distress calls and he was going to investigate the other. He told the group to observe and not to engage any danger. Dr. Kreger reluctantly agreed, but he thought it was highly irregular that a cruise guest would be seemly deputized by ship security. He was a highly distinguished man of science after all and not a common security guard. The group did as they were “ordered” to and went off to investigate the distress call. (to be continued)

Welcome to your Adventure Log!

Pretty good, but there are a few issues:

1. It was Captain Romero, not Mr. Forthington who offered his personal thanks for attempting to save Hayne’s life. I’m not sure if this is from the perspective of your character or something, but Captain Romero was very concerned and he suggested you inform security so you didn’t have to repeat your story several times. He even said this.

2. I also think you skipped a lot here. You didn’t get deputized as fast as you made it seem. You went back to your room (I guess you thought it was a better idea to call security there after taking a shower or something), Benny called room service remember? And admitted to the that you killed zombies. That’s why security initially went to your room. Then there was also that event where a nearby room had a zombie attack and a crowd of people showed up. It was after all that, you were summoned to Kirkman’s office, suspiciously questioned for and after Kirkman was denied his coast guard call, he asked you to work with him because you were an “expert” on this disease and encountered it several times already on the ship.

3. There was not “two distress calls”. There was one. You went to the medical bay, only to find it had zombies. Kirkman said he would handle them, as you heard a scream down another corridor. He asked you to investigate that.

Welcome to your Adventure Log!

Yeah, blame it on a bad memory. This would be easier to do if I wrote it after each session instead of trying to remember the last eight or more sessions.

Welcome to your Adventure Log!

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