Don't Cry For The Dead

Episode six, Part Two: A Startling New Discover.

When last we left our heroes, they decided to split up. One group consisting of Gilson (driver), Ramirez (driver), Ahmed, and Benny went off on two motorcycles into Fairport to see if they could find baby formula for Juan while the rest of the group stayed behind. Benny rode on the back of Gilson’s bike and Ahmed rode with Ramirez. Gilson suggested to Benny that she should lend her radio headset to Ramirez so each team could communicate with each other. After much debate, Benny finally agreed and the team headed up to Fairport.

Back at camp, Dr. Kreger began work on his next device. He decided to make a module to add to Bear’s BattlesuiteTM collar. It would grant invisibility to him and his personal items for 5 rounds or 30 seconds. This power would be activated by Dr. Kreger’s smart phone. Boo Boo Bear always liked it when his master added a new power to his collar because when he did so he always petted his head and praised him “Who’s a good boy? Bear’s a good boy!” Bear loved this and soaked up the praise. It was a special moment that the master and his faithful companion shared.

Back to the away team, the two motorcycles approached the town without incident, easily maneuvering between the cars blocking their path. Once they neared the building that Ahmed assured them would contain the formula, they noticed a huge group of zombies (16-20) were behind a bus and several others were on either side of them. The team stopped their motorcycles a safe distance away (for now), but the sound of the engines alerted the zombies to their presence so the team had to act quickly.

Benny jumped off the motorcycle and charged forward, as she readied a grenade. Gilson took aim at one of the three zombies on the left and took one out with a head shot from his M-16. Ramirez took aim at one of three zombies on the right and didn’t kill it, but it was momentarily shaken. Ahmed got off the bike and attempted to shoot one of the zombies on the right, but his gun jammed. As result, Ahmed became very afraid and decided to run away and from the danger.

Benny, moved forward at an incredible rate (boy that girl can run). She ran close by the zombies on the left within range of the large group of zombies behind the bus. She then threw one of her grenades that landed perfectly and took out a large group of zombies. The rest of the group was in awe of her tremendous skills. Never again would they question her due to her age. She has proven herself time and again that she is easily the equal of any of the adults in fighting the zombie menace.

The fight continued, Gilson showed his skills as a highly trained combat machine. He was a product of Navy Seal training and it showed. Ahmed was not much help in the combat as he spent most of his time trying to unjam his weapon. Benny managed to finish off the bulk of the zombies with a total of three very well placed grenades. Ramirez managed to take out two zombies, and he also helped Ahmed unjam his weapon. In the past, many of us showed some disdain for Ramirez’s combat ability. However, this time, Ramirez distinguished himself as valuable team asset.

Once the zombies were dealt with, the team advanced to the drug store in hopes of finding the baby formula for Juan. They were in luck; there was 4 months’ worth of baby formula in the building. They also found several digital cameras, prophylactics, a bottle of aspirin, and Benny found a single “Slimjim”. Gilson also took the motion sensors from the door. He thought that the good Dr. Kreger could make good use of them. The team loaded the motorcycle saddlebags with the items they found and headed back to the rest of the group.

Meanwhile, Dr. Kreger began his research into the zombie disease that he named the “Z Virus”. He thought to himself, this would finally lead him to the Noble Prize that he felt he always deserved (as he laughed to himself maniacally). Dr. Kreger used the zombie tissue that he previously gathered along with tissue samples from himself and other members of the group to make very important discoveries. He discovered that the zombie disease was caused by a virus rather than a bacteria or parasite. He also discovered the virus didn’t affect Bear and he postulated that it also wouldn’t affect other animals although this would require more testing to verify. This supported the previous studies he glanced over years ago regarding a zombie like disease in the past. At the time he didn’t take those studies seriously, but now he wished he reviewed them more closely. He also discovered that his own tissue seemed strangely resistant to the “Z Virus”. He postulated that his tissue lost its resilience because it left his body and would die after a short period of time thus losing the struggle. He had every reason to believe that his own body would be able to fight off the virus should he be bitten in the future.

Unfortunately, the others he tested in the group didn’t share his immunity. That is until the scouting team returned. Dr. Kreger was excited to test samples of the returning members along with the zombie’s samples to see if any of them shared his immunity. He was amazed to see that Benny shared this trait. It made him think back to when he and Benny’s mother were sharing each other’s “comforts” about 13 and nine months ago. He always suspected the possibility that Benny could be his daughter. Many people seemed to notice a resemblance between them although neither of them ever made the connection previously. He decided to run the test and he discovered without a doubt that Benny was indeed his daughter.



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