Don't Cry For The Dead

Episode Seven; Part Two: For Whom the Bell Tolls?

Our heroes continued down the road towards Jacksonville. After travelling for several miles, they saw a Coast Guard Helicopter fly erratically overhead and crash into a nearby field. Many in the group thought they should just continue on. However, Gilson insisted that we stop to check to see if there were any survivors. Immediately after stopping, Gilson and Bear headed toward the helicopter while the rest of the team remained in their vehicles. Previously, Dr. Kreger installed one of his wonderful inventions on Bear’s harness that allowed him to see video of anything that Bear looked upon through Dr. Kreger’s smart phone. Dr. Kreger used this device to monitor the actions of both Bear and Gilson.

Gilson and Bear found that two of the four occupants were dead and two were severely injured. Dr. Kreger suggested bringing back any medical supplies in the helicopter. Gilson pointed out a nearby medical bag that Bear grabbed and headed back to the rest of the group. Surprisingly to the rest of the group, Gilson grabbed one of the injured Coastguardsmen from the helicopter and headed back. He had to make a “Sophie’s choice” and choose the one that was the least injured. About that time they discovered they were not alone. A huge group of zombies rapidly approached the helicopter and the surrounding area. Despite this, it appeared that Gilson and Bear would make it back to the team in time to avoid the methodically approaching zombies. Once Gilson dropped off the Coastguardsmen, to everyone else’s surprise he headed back to the helicopter for the other Coastguardsmen.

The rest of the group thought this was a foolhardy move. They couldn’t see how Gilson could possibly survive without help from the rest of the group. Reluctantly, out of loyalty to Gilson, the rest of the group decided to risk their lives to help him. Dr. Kreger ordered Bear and Benny to assist Gilson. This was a risky move, but Dr. Kreger knew that both Benny and Bear were very quick and he also knew that all the zombies they have seen up to this point moved sluggishly.

After Gilson made it half way back to the helicopter, he realized it was a lost cause. A group of zombies had already made it to the helicopter and were devouring the other Coastguardsman. Gilson was surrounded with little hope of escape. Benny courageously charged the group of zombies on the left while readying a grenade. Bear taunted the group of zombies on the right of Gilson and led them away from him so he could escape. It didn’t look like Bear would be able to make it back in time before the semi-truck left until Benny used a grenade to kill all of the zombies blocking his path. The three, including Bear, managed to get back into the semi-truck without injury. Gilson’s son, Greg, had kept the semi-truck running so they could make a speedy escape.

Meanwhile, the Coastguardsman brought back to the RV died before Dr. Kreger could treat him. He therefore decided to have him tied up and gagged for further study. Dr. Kreger noted in his journal that it was approximately 5 minutes from death until reanimation for this unfortunate soul; much like the dead truck driver from the last episode. The group continued on down the road leaving the zombies behind. Dr. Kreger was thankful for Gilson’s heroic actions because now he had another test subject to continue his analysis of the “Z Virus”.

After several miles, the RV suddenly stopped. Dr. Kreger and Stevenson inspected the engine and discovered that it had a ruptured high pressure fuel line. This repair would take a specialized part that Dr. Kreger didn’t think he could solve with a roll of duct tape. The group considered the RV to be an essential part of their caravan and was reluctant to abandon it. About that time, they heard a church bell of in the distance about a half a mile down the road. When they looked that direction they also spotted about 15 zombies heading towards the church. Dr. Kreger, ever looking for solutions to the groups problems, noticed a truck in the parking lot that he thought would have the needed parts to repair the RV.

A decision was made to split up the group once again. Dr. Kreger, Gilson, Dr. Scot, Benny and Bear would travel in the truck towards the church to see if they could stop the bell from ringing, deal with the zombies and retrieve the repair parts needed to fix the RV. The rest of the group would stay behind and guard the RV. Stevenson, Sam and Tony were on the roof of the RV on overwatch. Ramirez, Eleanor, Greg and Pam remained inside the RV with Ramirez standing guard at a window with his M-16.

Meanwhile, Gilson and his group approached the church in the pick-up truck. After parking at the church, they determined that the zombies were about 60 seconds away. They hurriedly went inside and found a priest and two devotees all armed with shotguns. An intense moment passed as the two armed groups met each other for the first time. Tensions melted away as the three in the church lowered their weapons and welcomed the group with open arms. Dr. Kreger mentioned to the Priest that zombies were rapidly approaching the church and would be there in about 40 seconds. The group decided to fight the approaching zombies outside rather than lock the church doors and seek refuge inside.

The group fought off the slowly approaching zombies methodically. In yet, it seemed unlikely that they would be able to kill them all before they got within melee range. To the shock and awe of the group, Benny once again showed her skill at killing zombies and threw a well-placed grenade like device that soared to hit its target like a rocket and took out a large number of zombies. The device was of Dr. Kreger’s design and was given to Benny earlier to use only under dire circumstances such as the group currently faced. This once again impressed the group immensely. She earned a reputation for zombie slaying that wouldn’t soon be forgotten.

During the fight, Dr. Kreger missed his first shot and became discouraged and decided to head into the church. He happened upon a cat that seemed friendly. Dr. Kreger bowed down to pet the cat, but just then Bear rushed in either out of concern for his master, jealously or maybe he just didn’t like cats. Dr. Kreger made a mental note to ask him later when could use his mind reading device. When Bear rushed in, he barked loudly and scared the cat, who barely escaped with its life. The cat managed to run under the pews and escape to an unknown area. This frustrated Bear greatly. Dr. Kreger ordered Bear to help the group outside deal with the zombies, but Bear didn’t immediately obey. For at least a short period of time, he tried to find that cat, but was unable to. It occurred to Kreger that samples from the cat would help him support his suspicions that all animals were immune to the “Z Virus”.

About then the group from outside returned from dealing with the approaching zombies. The Priest questioned what happened. Dr. Kreger told them that Bear almost got to the cat, which evidently belonged to the priest. The Priest was relieved that the cat was ok, but insisted that Bear be put upon a leash. Dr. Kreger agreed.

The group made a deal with the priest and the others staying at the church that if they could get the parts they needed for the RV then the church group could join their caravan to Jacksonville as long as they provided additional transportation.



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